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What motivated you to stand up every day and start your daily routine? When you look at your life everything looks like you are working all day - every day. It doesn't need to be like that. If you want a balanced life you will need to change your daily routine. A good rule is represented in 8-8-8.

Splitting your day into three parts where you will spend the first 8 hours at work, and not a single minute more, 8 hours for your private activities and last 8 hours that every human need for sleep. If you want to stay motivated and productive you need to add more effort till you get to your goals. From this point of view, we can tell that motivation is an iterative process with activities to personal satisfaction. The motives can be internal and external. Everything is in question: Do you love what you do? Or you do what needs to be done?

Sometimes life goes in a way where you can’t move and change your job in a day. The solution is to start doing what you love. You can start with 10 habits to become happier and highly motivated.


1.Manage your time

Learn how to manage 8 hours of work and personal activities. Plan and put everything on a paper (mobile, laptop or planer). Chose your priorities and tasks and split them by importance and due date. Don’t be the one who does everything. Delegate tasks that are less important by choosing a suitable person for the task and focus on the important work.


2. Digital detox

The feeling of spending time on the network can be frustrating. The study conducted by researchers in Sweden found that heavy technology use among young adults was linked to sleeping problems, depressive symptoms, and increased stress levels. Everybody needs digital detox and you can apply it every little. Look at your daily routine and realize how you use smart devices. Find out what you want to disconnect from your daily routine. Find a friend how is ready to start this adventure without social networks with you. Write 5 reasons for and against usage technology and what you can get at the end. For sure you will get more time for friends, rest or book. At the end of the day write a few sentences about the process that you are going through. Good luck!


3. Believe in yourself

Believe and dream isn’t the privilege of reach and successful people. You can dream big, and believe in yourself. Behind every success and wealthiness is hard work and dedication. On the road, there will be obstacles but none of them will be very difficult to deal with. Work on your perfect mind and leave past to the past. With little steps towards goals.


4. Believe in people

Believe in people, colleagues, and friends. It’s nice to give and not expect anything in return. You can be an example of collegiality. Support your colleagues and help them find the easiest way to do tasks. Don’t be stumbling block but think what you can contribute. Sometimes a mug of coffee and lunch break is enough. Try it. You will feel good, and nice.


5. Learn to listen

Active listening means that you pay attention to the speaker’s behavior and body language. Listening is one of the most important skills that can have an impact on job effectiveness and relationships with others. There are few techniques you can use to become a good listener: look at the speaker directly, nod occasionally, smile and ask questions by paraphrasing. ’’Sounds like you are saying...’’, or summarize the speaker’s comments periodically.


6. Be grateful

If everything you have you take for granted, start to be grateful. You will feel better and you will realize that you have a lot. Make a list of good things that happen is 2019 and add more great things that will happen in 2020. By practicing mindfulness you’ll start feeling happier and motivated in life.


7. Motivate others

Praise your colleague for a job well done. Keep your praise realistic and refer to your personality or behavior, while not challenging yourself. Be proud to support people on their path to success. Send a message to friends you haven't talked to in a long time. Change yourself and hope for a positive effect on others. Support your friends' decisions and leave criticism aside. It's okay to have a different opinion about something but choose how you express your opinion. Choose whether you are a motivator or a critic.


8. Be creative

Being creative means thinking creatively and throwing all your ideas out of your head. The situation you may find yourself in is how to get started and how to keep going to your destination. Don't delay tackling challenges. Talking to people who have similar interests and learning new things are important. Accept changes that are happening. Face the challenge and trust your instinct. Don't expect immediate results and always write down all your ideas. Research shows that creative people use less than half the ideas they write down. Write, work, and stay on the course.


9. Exercise

The way you practice breathing, managing your time, thinking of ideas, that's how you should start exercises. Today, different training methods are available to everyone. Find out what type of exercises can help you feel better. Run outside or pay gym hours, workout at home and feel great. Successful people include training in their daily routine as it helps them sleep more peacefully, have more confidence and feel better - physically and mentally. With a bright head and good routine, you will be motivated to give 100% of your great ideas to work.


10. Breathe

And whenever it is difficult to start breathing. "Count to 10". Proper breathing is breathing with the stomach, not the chest. Take a breath on your nose, and a half-open mouth exhale longer than you inhale. The power of self-control is one of the most important skills in life, so breathe deeply. In order not to ruin relationships with other people, practice breathing and control emotions. Loss of control gives the impression of powerlessness, especially in fear or anger.