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We all know that “knowledge is power” and learning is a process that prepares us for life. BAD SISTEMS team strives to advance the things learned from the user experience in their daily work. We know where you have encountered obstacles and we have learned how to make life easier for you. Able to think quickly and clearly or ways of planning and doing work that will make changes in a job – are the meanings of agile.




KANBANSI is focused on people, easy-to-use and good with meeting new user requirements. The agile values ​​and principles on which KANBANSI software is built allow you to make mistakes, change plans, and tailor the product to those who are ready for change day by day. The agile tool is intended for the organization of a large number of industries as well as the personal organization.


List of New Features


We have improved and facilitated the user experience in several important segments:

1. Demo panels for five industries (Use cases),

2. URL for sharing cards or boards to,

3. New design of adding files and photos to the card,

4. New preview of inactive members,

5. Better performing on the mobile application,

6. Updated content on web site and

7. Great video tutorials of KANBANSI


Demo Panels


We have singled out demo panels for you to organize manufacturing, sales, marketing agencies, human resources, and project management. Demo boards for the five industries, depending on what business you do are free for testing. In the Demo boards, you can move cards from phase to phase and get informed with our proposal of the work organization process. Production and product development consisting of five phases - from conception, planning to project completion. If you are working on multiple projects, the Agile Project Management Demo board will give you an insight into the stages of software development. See also Demo boards of Marketing, Human Resources & Recruitment, and Sales & CRM.


Manage like pro with 5 different use cases

Manage like pro with 5 different use cases


URL sharing


The innovation is the ability to share the card or the entire board by copying the URL link. Share what you do with friends or colleagues and make your work valuable.


New design of adding files&photos


If you are working in manufacturing and organizing each step, you are familiar with the documentation necessary to get started in manufacturing. So far, you have printed the necessary documentation in multiple copies and distributed them to the team members day by day. Communication between co-workers is not on a good level, and productivity does not reach the set goals. The solution is just a click away from you. With KANBANSI your organization and team communication can become agile. Functional software in which paper with documentation can’t be torn or lost, but easily added. Within the card, click on a plus to attach the file, mouse over the uploaded file and click Attach File. The document you selected will be added to the open card. Cross over the document and the options for preview, download and remove the file from the card will appear. Files uploaded to storage will remain private until you publish them to the card. Team members will more easily understand and accept the task that follows, and the ability to communicate on each card allows everyone to be involved in the production process without the necessary delay.


New preview of an inactive member


If a subscription for a team member has expired, his profile picture will turn grey indicating inactive status. To reactivate this member, select the monthly or annual subscription or plan that works best for you. Check Starter or Business subscription and start a free trial today. Contact us and get a Custom plan that fulfils your expectations.


Better performing on App


The need to be networked, connected and informed is the need of the 21st century and the need for modern social trends. When we created the KANBANSI web platform we also planned to create an app for Android and iOS smartphones. In everyday situations, you can capture ideas about the projects you are working on even when you are without the Internet. Offline mode has an equal opportunity to organize team activities.

Moving cards from stage to stage is now enhanced by simply tapping the card and dragging it to the desired side. If one task has priority over the others, drag it to the EXPRESS LINE and other team members will be notified of the task priority. Only one card can be dragged to view the panel in EXPRESS LINE.


KANBAN card flow, drag and drop them through the columns from plan to done.

KANBAN card flow, drag and drop them through the columns from plan to done.


Updated content


We tried to deliver more knowledge for your better experience of KANBANSI. Old content is updated so look up for more information at Tour section and right next to videos.


Video tutorials


In the Tour section, you will find video tutorials with new board designs and features that we have worked on. Each video briefly illustrates how you can build a team, board phases, and realizes. A video dedicated to cards and card status shows you how to customize your card to your organization. See how you can export board to PDF or how to integrate with Slack.


Visualize, plan and complete


Use KANBANSI for all your business needs. Feel free to contact us for any questions. The upgraded version is in front of you. Organize your business, events or associates and keep track of important data and changes. Try it today and register for free.