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Agile methodology in twelve steps

In today’s modern leadership one of the most famous methods is agile. In case you didn’t hear agile is a set of values and principles. If you decide to use this methodology you should be sure what are the beliefs of your team, also you have to make decisions and to have very open communication with all team members.


There are some of the basic principles of agile that you should be aware of before you start using it. You should follow them if you want to make a good decision.


The first priority is to satisfy the customers through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.

You should welcome changing requirements, even late in development. It is a very important thing in agile – you should stay open and change things as you are going through the work process – rigid rules are not applicable.

Next important step is frequent delivery of working software – from a couple of weeks to a couple of months.

It is very important to work in a team if you are using agile – you should work with business people and developers daily on the projects.

If you want success you should give your best to motivate your team members – motivated individuals are key to success. Give them the support they need, make an inspiring environment and trust them.

Face to face communication at least 10 minutes per day is needed. Make sure you all communicate face to face daily.

Working software is the primary measure of progress. The ultimate factor that measures progress is delivering working software to the customer.

Agile processes should support a consistent development pace – team establishes a constant speed at which they can deliver working software and they can repeat it each time in the project.

Attention to technical excellence and good design increase agility – the team could maintain pace, constantly working on improvement and change.

Simplicity is also very important – it is essential actually. You should get the job done very easily and also be able to identify and solve the problems – if there are any.

Self-organizing teams encourage great architectures, requirements, and designs – as we said it before it is very important to a have a highly motivated group of people working on the project – also strong individuals who are able to make decisions are needed.

The team should have regular reflections on how to become more effective – self-improvement, discussing problems with the team - using different techniques and skills can help to be more efficient.

So, if you are willing to follow these simple steps agile can help you to have better organization and more success. Unfortunately, if you don’t follow all the steps you might be in trouble. The intention of agile methodology is to stay focused but also to be prepared to make a change in the process if it will make the project better. You should be able to talk with your team about every topic and problem in the project, but also to communicate with the customer too. Agile projects are customer focused – and we have to be sure what our customers want and to be aware of the values and principles that our team have.