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Entrepreneurial mindset in work culture

Promoting entrepreneurial mindset is very important in today’s business. When you have the whole team build around the idea of leadership and an entrepreneurial mindset it is much better to work and get creative. To plan strategically and make decisions, employees must have an entrepreneurial mindset.


Some of the strategies in the text will help you to build that mindset in your work culture.


Seeking entrepreneurs while hiring


While talking on the interview you should carefully observe if the person has an entrepreneurial mindset and if he/she will fit in the work environment and the organization visions. It is very hard to find a person who has that mindset naturally but if the future employee is open and will have a good mentor by the side anyone can develop skills and stand as an entrepreneur.


Promote a focus on the customer


No matter what job an employee has to do help them to understand that the main focus in the company is the customers. Remind them that their job – directly or indirectly affects the customer. Sometimes, it is hard to maintain everything but remember – customers may have not always been right but they have to be respected. Entrepreneurial thinkers see the company as their personal business.. they are not just employees. Always ask yourself what does the customer want? How can you make customer interactions better or faster? What does the customer consider so valuable that price becomes a lesser consideration?


Training and mentoring


Training employees is the most important. How can you expect someone to understand the work culture and what he/she has to do if you don’t have clear instructions? It is an investment that will cost you nothing but you can achieve your visions if you train well your employees. Hiring person is not enough, they need to find motivation with the help of a great mentor. You can share your way of learning, send helpful instructions that will make the job easier to understand and do.. share the way you improved yourself and your mindset. This will make them feel purposeful and it is an example of great leadership. After, you should send them to seminars to continue improving themselves.


Motivating to help employees stay at the top performance


Motivation is one of the major factors to affect the productivity and success of the company. How you can keep motivating employees? Give them rewards and say something empowering when they do a good job! Stay connected to them and have team buildings where you can relax and connect better with your team. It motivates other employees to get the incentives too... so create a friendly competitive environment.


Make space for new ideas


Give people permission to come up with new and great ideas no matter of role in the team. Consider encouraging people to share any thoughts.. there are no bad or stupid ideas. Be sure that you are as a leader and an entrepreneur supportive and not judgementally oriented. It will make employees free to share any thoughts and ideas. You never know which one can give you the greatest results. Also, you can create an internal blog where people can share their ideas and later you can discuss them and decide which one is the best at the moment for realization.


Manage cognitive diversity in your team


Make sure that you have different people in your work environment. It can help your company to have more creative solutions and innovations. Building a multinational team could also be a great idea where people from different cultures can give you some different point of view.


Create an environment of psychological safety


Fear, in general, can sabotage you and your business. It is very important to make sure that your employees are feeling free to say what’s on their mind, share their own ideas and thoughts. Fear of making mistakes is also the antithesis of the entrepreneurial mindset. You can help reduce those fears by making people feel safe to take calculated risks in their field. When a mistake is made be sure that you are not criticizing them – consider it like a lesson and change a mistake next time when you do something similar. Be mindful not to make people feel embarrassed or insecure. They may stop and sabotage them which will affect your company too.