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The introduction of the Kanban methodology and its application to our businesses have made projects that seems impossible possible in all areas of business, from physical and tangible products to digital and abstract products.


What is Kanban?


It is a visual system for managing tasks as it goes through processes. This model runs to check on both the process and work passing via that process with the intention of figuring out bottlenecks in the process and work on them so the task can be completed cost-effectively and at an optimal speed.


The Kanban helps to arrange your work around discrete and specific tasks that are to be done with before moving to the next task. This actually makes more sense than the hassle of giving deadlines and rushing the whole project and end up achieving a mess. As a product manager, the Kanban project management makes more sense.


Kanban can be used in all kinds of organizations, businesses, and products, so long there is a process involved in it.


Managing digital product using Kanban methodology


Kanban Methodology is not limited to tangible products; it can also be applied in digital Products, see the ways digital product managers can utilize Kanban;


1. Kanban manages feature requests: Kanban gives you an exclusive tool that enables you to create a board for feature requests. As a digital product manager, you receive feedback from your clients from different channels (emails, live chats, support channel, etc). If the Kanban feature requests board is created, the feedback can quickly be added to the board.

You can choose to pattern your kanban board to the kind of governance framework that suits you. Let’s say; there is an unprioritized inbox list that only takes new ideas or feedback, from there preferred ideas can be moved to an approved To Do list, from there to the in-process list and after working on it, it goes to the completed.


2. Tag your cards: There are Kanban apps that you can easily use to tag your card, so the idea for a system of tags for requests is easy. The mobile app enables you to add new items and edit old ones

Once a new card is created you can choose to add comments, descriptions, tags, links, assign to other product managers, etc.


3. Kanban method can help in managing and monitoring Agile development work: Simple Kanban approach can be used to monitor and manage agile practices by forming a development focused board on Kanban, here you can stack everything in one place so the product team can get to maintain visibility into current Sprint and backlog. A list of Backlogs, work in progress and work completed can be formed. By maintaining just one point of accessibility on the development board means a person can track the current status of items as Sprint moves forward.


4. Kanban can be used to supplement roadmap: The Kanban app can be used by digital product managers as a secondary or supplemental road map.




The Kanban system is a wonderful tool for digital product owners and managers in search of an easy way to track items and sprints. Sign up for FREE Today and KANBAN your product/project to success!

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