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Goodbye, Trello – Hello, KANBANSI!

Trello is good, but we’ve built a fully flexible KANBANSI - Trello alternative - where you can organize anything.


Why have we created more flexible KANBANSI tool? Well, it is simple for using as Trello is.. but, the most important it doesn’t mean that you have some limits. KANBANSI is fully adapted to meet your needs. It will shape your workspace how you want.


When you start using KANBANSI you will see how you can customize anything and make it works perfectly for you and your working culture.


The newest thing that we added is Custom Card Status. Depends on the role in a team you can change, edit or add new status on board that you choose. Add board name, adapt it for your needs, creat teams, public share link, add new status and choose a color. Everything is made to work just for you. When you define everything click Add button and Save changes. Once you finish you will be able to use it in your work. In a list of all statuses in the bottom of the screen, you will see which status is active. You can set as a default a new on or delete what you don’t need.


Use KANBANSI offline if you are with no internet connection. We made it as a Progressive Web Application which is hybrid of a regular web page (website) and a mobile application. PWA is very reliable because you can very fast load it and it works offline. It is like an application from the App Store/Play Store but it is downloaded from a web page in a browser – you get prompt if you would like to Add to Home Screen. Once you accept it PWA gets added to your home screen. You can also use push notifications.



KANBANSI helps you to manage an already existing process, not changing the entire process. KANBANSI creates discussions and awareness of how to evolve your process, allowing you to save what is working and avoid implosion from several big changes at once instead, you continually improve by a review where there are errors and learning from them.


Trello is an awesome tool, but in fact only for smaller projects. It is not designed to handle complex processes in largest terms.


Based on the idea of flexibility – KANBANSI can be adapted to any type of project. Many custom options allow you to shape your workspace exactly how you want. It is not important which management methodology you are using and which kind of business you are working on. It is a simple custom made.


You can use LEAN or KANBAN boards – depends on what you prefer the most.

If you decide to use Lean board you will have three default phases: Current, Near Term and Future which allows you to have a wider overview of your business development process.

If you want to have phases and releases you can use Kanban board and define how many phases and releases you will have.


Trello alternative is not necessarily needed. Maybe, Trello is enough for you and your project but if you found that it is hard to handle everything there you can always try to use something different to meet your needs.


We designed KANBANSI to make everything easier – to give you flexibility so you can build your own workflow and organize everything without limitations.

If you feel that KANBANSI can help you feel free to try it now for free.