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How KANBAN cards flow

The path from idea to realization doesn't need to be long and complicated. The idea has to be visualized as a schedule of tasks so you can get your work done.


We created KANBANSI software solution where you can organize all operations with one tool.


Let me explain how KANBANSI can help you organize and track your business, event or team.

There are two board options – LEAN and KANBAN. The first step is to get your team together, assign responsibilities and job titles. Main purpose of a workflow is to keep simple and agile.

The flow is value created for the customer through meaningful work. Agile methodology is based on the iterative process, good communication, continuous improvements, and many other values.


LEAN board has three default phases – CURRENT, NEAR TIME and FUTURE. Those three phases are a simple way to summarize your ideas, plans, and future projects. Here you can add cards with no limit.


When the project needs to be detailed with tasks and assignees with limited WIP KANBAN board is the right solution for you. Work in progress (WIP) limits are mechanisms to limit the number of cards in any column at once.

In its most basic form KANBAN board has three columns:

  1. PLAN,
  2. ONGOING and

Cards with tasks assignees, important dates, estimations, and task lists need to be created on the board and they are flexible to move forward by the prioritize.

KANBAN board has one RELEASE box by default where you can edit cards for developing new releases for the same project. The Kanban card support teamwork by helping team members communicate and share information visually.


The Kanban method is many-sided and applicable to different fields in various industries. Your team needs to absorb the Kanban values of continuous improvement.

So, the path is simple, all it takes is that your cards need to travel from TO DO, DOING and DONE phases until the job is done and you can start a new project as soon as one enters the final stage.

If you have any questions about KANBANSI and how it could improve your growing business fell free to contact us. We'll be glad to help you and present the vision of KANBANSI.