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How to organize video meeting without 'ZoomBombing'?

There is always an alternative. We want to introduce you to the local application where you can organize video and audio meetings.

BAD SISTEMS has been organizing work from home since March 12, and the daily meetings we had in the office had to be organized by video call. We tried several different applications. Some did not meet our security requirements, while others did not meet technical standards. We were not lazy, we found a solution and an application that fully fits our small team of 13 people. We wanted to share this app with others as well. The need for each of us to communicate with family, friends and colleagues is an everyday one.


BAD SISTEMS specializes in the digitization of internal processes and operations. The heart of our business is tailor-made digital products. We turn all your wishes and requirements into a user friendly product.

Digital role in our lives has reached new heights. We spend an average 3 hours on social networks, and 91% of all social media users access their social channels via mobile devices. So we have worked on our solution. – video conferencing app made for our needs, and it can be custom visual and branded for your company, organization or small business.


In mid-March, the government of Serbia gave its work-from-home recommendations. This type of work involves using applications like Skype, Messenger, or Zoom to organize meetings and facilitate communication with clients, employees or family. The IT community very quickly organized their employees to work from home. Although the situation is brand new, people from the world of logistics, call centers, schools and colleges adopted new circumstances easy. It’s clear that it is not easy to change one's own habits, but it is also known that a living person gets used to everything. Various blogs show us how people from different offices have come to grips with the challenges posed by the crisis caused by the corona virus. Our conclusion is that adoption period depends on the individual's character. To help you adopt this hard situation we made an application that can save you from overthinking if you are safe enough working online.


Advantages of application:

  1. Branded product according to your visual identity
  2. The security of your data is ensured by end-to-end encryption
  3. Stable connection for a large number of users
  4. You can register or access through the link
  5. European server
  6. Home domain
  7. Compliance with GDPR security requirements


Meet.bad can become your own, branded internal meeting network. At your request, the application can be branded with your company or organization logo. Why is meet application completely safe to use? Thanks to end-to-end encryption of video calls, voices and messages, all your data will be visible only to you (if you want to record) and to those who participated in the call. We at BAD SISTEMS do not record and cannot access video calls and private messages at any time. Clearly, encryption does not mean much to people who want to share their day with friends and family, but it is very important for companies that do not want to share their business secret with the rest of the world.

It is important for larger companies that a large number of colleagues attend morning's meeting, which is possible at Stable connection, smooth sound and image transfer is enabled for more than 1000 users simultaneously. You can teach more people without any time limit.

You do not need to register to join the meeting. When you get a link to access a meeting, if you access it from your computer, a new window will open where you can directly join the meeting. You can also access the meeting on a smart device, then it is necessary to download the application from the window to which the link took you. Within seconds you will be able to attend the meeting without registering on your mobile phone as well. The administrator of the meeting will need to register and in a few simple steps create the name of the meeting and then invite others to join it. By clicking Invite others you can invite anyone you want to attend.

The possibilities within the application are diverse. You can record the meeting or stream it live to your YouTube channel. And what will give you extra security, so as not to invite uninvited guests, is to create a unique password for that meeting and therefore carefully share it with those who should join.

What is the advantage of the European server and home domain is the fact that your security is guaranteed under the European laws and the laws of the Republic of Serbia. Each participant's privacy policy is guaranteed with GDPR compliance. The reliability of the application is the fact that during the meeting, your data cannot get into the wrong hands. You will not be faced with "zoombombing" or hacking into your confidential data from your computer. Zoombombing is a two-word coin that explains unauthorized access (hacking) to a meeting on the application.


The problems faced by Zoom applications concern the security of their users and data. Some examples are:

- After a Zoom session, administrators can create a transcript of the meeting that contains all the private messages of the meeting attendees, and sharing this content can compromise the privacy of your colleagues and yours

- The Washington Post reported that it's easy to find any recorded meeting by searching in a web browser. “Many of the videos can be found on unprotected chunks of Amazon storage space, known as buckets, which are widely used across the Web. Thousands of other Zoom clips, all of them named in the same way, have been uploaded onto the video sites YouTube and Vimeo.”

- The Zoom app privacy policy does not specify that iOS operating system user data is sent to Facebook even though you do not have a Facebook account

- The question of End-to-end encryption? Although Zoom claimed to be using the safest way to encrypt your data, it turned out not to be true. Zoom uses transport encryption, which means that your connection is secure the same as when accessing any other browser or page, and that Zoom or their partners have access to your video and audio data (eg location you are on, IP address, device OS who you are accessing from)

- Problems with the Zoom app do not end here, one of the features that allows the administrator of meeting to monitor attendee activity and whether it is paying attention to the meeting or other content open on in another window

If you have already used Zoom, we wanted to introduce you to these details, because you have the right to know where your information goes, who used them and, how.

Other options are always there, so solutions that do not endanger the security of either the individual or the company you work for should be pursued. There are many examples of privacy violations due to the appearance of business meetings of foreign companies that discussed important financial decisions that the public should not know about. You and your company have a right to a business secret, and with our video conference app secrets can be kept. Contact us for more information and get your app.

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