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An agile culture is a field of principles that are accomplished with an agile mindset. If you are curious as we are excited, stay here and read about KANBANSI APP. Find it in the Google Play Store in the Business category, download it for free and try it NOW.


Organize your day, team or project.


Manage project by adding team members into the team. Set up a project through the Kanban board or Lean board. We set our values into KANBANSI agile project tool and released application which will follow you everywhere you go. How exciting is that! If you are the owner of a small or medium business, there is no need to be every day in the office. Via KANBANSI you can easily track and organize work as its needs. 




People over process - gives you freedom in the team to self/organize as well as the app. Create a private board and manage your tasks. All boards can be publicly shared generating a public link. Use Kanban board and move cards through phases till the done status. Add your ideas into the Backlog and move cards to Plan when you start to work on it. Dragging the card to a certain position in the phase is a prioritization itself.


Dynamics over Documents - Agile teams need to be configured for speed, working in short iterations. Readiness to adapt and change in every step in the way of workflow is decisive. In KANBANSI software you can add documents, jpeg or pdf to better explain and describe your task. Open a New Bord and add Card, click on the plus to add Attachments. 


Comment on Cards and stay collaborative over cascading. Sharing is everything in agile management, that leads you to better communication, trust, knowledge distribution, and adaptive leadership. The collaborative mindset provides generous benefits to both sides, employees, and enterprises. 


Always ask “Why can’t it be done?” and your team will seek for answers “ How can it be done?”. Agile culture empowers people to be curious, to collaborate more, to adapt, to embrace imperfection and accept changes. So, principle Adaptive over Prescriptive is pretty clear, you know where to focus.


Leadership over Management – leaders need to focus on what problem needs to be solved, but always let the teams figure out how to solve it. Open communication and shared leadership are a model where no single absolute can be leader and decisions are made inside the team. Everyone is involved equally and share responsibilities over the project, but also support each other in completing the project.


Whether you work on product management, project management or software development these KANBANSI agile project tool will help you in framing your vision, values, and delivery.


The free trial lasts 22 days, login today and start using agile and Kanban principles and culture in your everyday organizations. KANBANSI is a fully responsive solution available at your fingertips wherever you are. Try KANBANSI now and love it forever.