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KANBANSI New Features

KANBANSI has improvements that we are so glad to share with you. Changes that are added are Notification Settings, Integration with Slack, Custom Card Statuses and PWA.


Notification Settings


In notification settings, there are two sectors that you can change: Enable email Notifications and Push Notifications. You can have notifications on your email as well as on your phone.

Added to team – when you have been added to the team

Removed from team – when you have been removed from the team

Changed role on team – when your role on the team has been changed

Task assigned – when the task is assigned to you

Comment on card – when someone commented on your card


Enable push notifications in browser settings if you want them On.


Integration with Slack


Click on Account and then choose Integrations if you want to connect it with Slack. It will integrate workspace with the board. You have to choose the board that you want to be connected with and then click add to Slack. Sign in to your workspace by entering workspace’s Slack URL and everything that you are doing from the board you chose will be sent to the integrated Slack account.


Custom Card Statuses

Depends on the role in a team you can change, edit or add new status on board that you choose.

In option Edit board you can

Add board name,


Publick share link,

Add new status and

Choose color.

When you create new status you need to click Add button and Save changes. Once you finish you will be able to use it in your work.

In a list of all statuses in the bottom of the screen, you will see which status is active. You can set as default a new one or delete what you don’t need.


PWA – Progressive Web App


KANBANSI is now made as Progressive Web App. This is an app which is hybrid of a regular web page (website) and a mobile application. PWA is very reliable because you can very fast load it and it works offline. It is like an application from the App Store/Play Store but it is downloaded from the web page in a browser – you get prompt if you would like to Add to Home Screen. Once you accept it PWA gets added to your home screen. You can also use push notifications.




With these new tools, you can better manage your project and team. Notifications and Integration with Slack will help you to stay informed and connected at all the time. A lot of freedom with Custom Card Statuses is allowing you to better visualize your working process. PWA is great because you can use KANBANSI without an internet connection at any time - anywhere.