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KANBANSI - Perfect solution for your needs

If you spend a lot of time organizing associates and business activities, KANBANSI is the solution for you, created by BAD SISTEMS as a multipurpose tool for different types of organization.

The thing is, it's not important what KANBANSI is for us, but what it can be for you and how can be used.


To unfold KANBANSI story, we would like to start with a few questions.


How do you organize your business?

Do you use traditional methods that include email communication, documents, perhaps some popular cloud solution to keep it all in one place?

Or you may be one of those who turned to some of the modern software solutions, but do not use many options those solution offer, plus your associates have a hard time using them?


Whatever group you belong to, you should know that there is a solution for you, you just haven't found it yet.

This solution should help you to overcome several important organizational challenges.


  • To keep track of current organizational workload
  • To know who is in charge
  • To easily discover bottlenecks
  • To identify priorities, understandable and visible to everyone
  • To communicate with associates
  • To keep everything relevant to your organization in one place
  • Everything you need is easily accessible wherever you are
  • And perhaps the most important, to be transparent and easy to use


KANBANSI itself was created answering challenges we met.

Now we can say it's easy to explain what KANBANSI is, because it represents modern software solution that suits your challenges.


Next we will give you some examples of how KANBANSI can be used, so we are asking the next question:

What's your industry and what type of process do you manage?


If you are in the manufacturing industry, this is the perfect solution for you. Using a successful KANBAN model, which is actually created as a result of self-organization in the production process, you will have a complete overview of production phases and tasks within them. In this case, KANBANSI provides a perfect overview of the production process on the whiteboard on the web.


If you develop projects in different industries, we have some great news. We developed this product to facilitate our own project development process in IT industry, bearing in mind that a system must be flexible enough to suit different types of projects. KANBANSI in this scenario presents board that adapts to the specifics of your project and provides a perfect progress insight.


 If you develop your own product. Anyone who has ever started product development knows how much effort is needed to develop an idea and how long it takes. With KANBANSI you can collect all ideas in one place and work on them with associates at the same time. In this case, KANBANSI is a board on the web where you tell the story of your future product, known as "Storyboard" and "Storytelling".


If you have found yourself in any of the above scenarios, learn more about the product on our site,, and see why KANBANSI responded to most of the challenges of modern organizations.

We'd appreciate if you'd share with us how it responded to yours.