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Serbian music band S.A.R.S. says in song - "We all have a gray perspective" but when you come to BAD SISTEMS you can see that we use the combination of gray to design and color our own perspective with a palette of all colors. We look back with pride in everything we did, the collaborations we made, the conferences we attended, the young people we supported.


Sara Novosel, Product Marketing Manager, summarized the year after us:

"2019 has definitely passed in the sign of our products. From the beginning of the year, we started promoting and marketing KANBANSI and platform. We researched the market, garnered reviews and praise, all with the aim of improving the overall user experience. The idea behind our products is to make the day-to-day business of SMEs easier and help them be more competitive in the market. The digital platforms we work on are tailored to different industries and widely used across organizations. Now, at the end of 2019, I can proudly say that we are firmly positioned in the Serbian market and we are contributing to the digitization of logistics, transportation, production and other branche


Biggest moments and events

Biggest moments and events

Education for future innovators

As part of the Future #for5 - Jobs # for5 National Project, we met with those who are thinking about their future now. We met with elementary, high school and college students. Jovan Soldatovic, Managing Partner, introduced BAD SISTEMS as a company of different internship programs, opportunities, and paid practices, as well as an environment where team spirit in everyday challenges comes to the fore. The audience was interested to hear how Jovan started his career? What were the initial steps and the biggest obstacles he encountered?

Creative Tuesday #3 at the Startup Center at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Nis was another opportunity to introduce the KANBAN methodology to young people and to present how we use it in our office every day. We donated vouchers to all participants for the free use of the KANBANSI Agile Tool within six months.

The fact that during the Summer School of Technology Entrepreneurship, at the Startup Center in Nis, we shared our experience on the topic "How to build a successful startup in Serbia?" We are pleased that among the 22 students there were high school students who were interested in enhancing their energy and ideas through personal efforts. Jovan Soldatovic pointed out the obstacles we have encountered since the founding of BAD SISTEMS and how to overcome these obstacles with ease.

These types of projects, seminars, and lectures support the education of young people in their developmental path. And what will they become when they grow up, we will see, it is up to them to constantly learn and be consistent with themselves!


BAD Interns

We are especially proud of our 8 successful interns this year. Students from Serbia and Tunisia advanced their knowledge and gain the necessary experience for the future. The internship program has produced experts who now share creativity and team values in different industries. Some of them stayed to work as a full-time BAD team member. We had students who worked on software development, quality assurance, marketing, projects, and customer management. We are always open to great people and looking forward to future interns.




At the FinTech 4 Business Forum, June 4th, a wider Serbian business community and representatives of the FinTech industry gathered in Belgrade to discuss contemporary ways of financing a business. This forum is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises with the aim of presenting innovative solutions and alternative ways of financing business. We listened to local and international experts presenting new trends, concrete solutions and examples of good practice. Do you believe that it is now possible to open a business account from the armchair? Just imagine what awaits us in 2020!

Kickoff Conference of the eCommerce Association of Serbia held on June 13th, an event where we saw how e-commerce can help the development and growth of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. The new E-Commerce Law will contribute to the standardization of modern forms of commerce and protect the interests of both retailers and consumers. Through an interesting panel of the Pojač platform, moderator Ivan Minic spoke with representatives of small businesses on how to run successful e-shops.

The first Webiz education in Nis introduced eminent lecturers in the field of the digital economy. We have heard numerous lectures on digital transformation, social networking and branding, Google advertising, email marketing, and WordPress and WooCommerce as popular platforms. The panel discussion: "What can an entrepreneur do in the digital world" brought us interesting suggestions from a financial, regulatory and logistical point of view. Jovan Soldatovic, Managing Partner of BAD SISTEMS Company, gave a lecture: "The simplest way to digitalization" and participated in a panel discussion. We got the impression that Niš is open, ready and hungry for educations like this, and we hope that there will be more in 2020.


The first national forum, supported by USAID Cooperation for Growth Project in Serbia, "SME is MFA" was held on December 5th in Belgrade. The forum was the answer to the key question: "What can I do today to (p) remain a champion tomorrow?". Jovan Soldatovic participated in the panel discussion "BETTER TODAY FOR BETTER TOMORROW" - What can be implemented immediately, Assistant Director in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vidosava Dzagic, co-founder of the Diaspora Shop and e-Commerce Association of Serbia, Marko Ilic, representative of TeleGroup Innovations, Momir Dekic and Executive Director for Development, Digital Communications and IT at Metalac a.d., Vojin Vukadinovic.

Thanks to USAID’s Project of Cooperation for Growth for all support of the projects and support they provide to all relevant private and public sector stakeholders who are creating opportunities for SME development in Serbia.




We are the ones who believe in magic and that magic exists. We work every day to advance digital products and transform our clients' businesses that understand the needs of the market and where this world really goes. We surveyed the market, more than 20,000 people from the Republic of Serbia filled out our survey completely anonymously. See the results at the following link, and here's what came out of your opinion. We introduced our new product - the PONY EXPRESS platform at OMGCommerce, on November 20th in Belgrade, which finds the fastest and shortest delivery solution for you. The first shipping gateway in Serbia will offer its beta version of PLUG N PLAY solution on January 15, 2020, for your online stores. Leave the logistics area to us, the Courier receives an Application Programming Interface (API) that will allow communication with PONY EXPRESS software, as well as with other clients.


… And Happy New Year!


To celebrate the New Year, Bojan Simic, CEO in BAD SISTEMS, says:

"In 2019, we had the opportunity to bring you closer and better our digital products at various events. BAD SISTEMS remains committed to the digital transformation and digitization of logistics in Serbia in the next 2020 year. In this regard, we announce major improvements on the platform and attractive prices. We had the opportunity in 2019 to speak with our clients and better understand how we can improve their digital transformation and digitization process. With our KANBANSI digital tool, we have enabled businessmen to organize their work processes by their needs, but also to increase efficiency and productivity in production. Our wish in 2020 is to increase the number of users who will join us across all our platforms to work together, to change the world in small steps and to grow business together. We want platform to expand its digital roots and connect the entire Balkans to enable all our clients to gain a foothold in the big market and international cooperation with the European market. As we have pointed out so far - there is no need to think about digitization because it is already here. Be a part of it and we are sure you will be successful! "