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Why is lean leadership good?

Leadership is the action of leading a group of people or an organization. When we think about it we can realize that there are many different kinds of leading people or groups. Lean leadership is one of the most efficient ways to get your job done in a very inspiring and highly motivated team.


So what is lean leadership? This is the way of leading a group of people or organization in a way that will help them stay focused and inspired all the time. Lean companies ask managers to be lean leaders because they want to demonstrate a certain set of values. The difference between a regular manager and the lean manager is in the sets of values that lean managers have. They always try to empower everyone around them to become the best versions of themselves and also to be able to lead others.


The lean manager wants from their team, to be honest, open and authentic. This is the key to success in highly professional teams – they want to reveal the truth even if it’s unpleasant – lean manager always wants to know things as they are. If there is some bottleneck in the project team should discuss that topic so they will be able to move forward.


To become a lean manager you should be a very patient person – why is it so important? Well, lean managers and leaders are focused on long term goals. They want a successful team but also very satisfied customers. Long-term growth is in focus.


Lean managers should be curious all the time by asking questions about the project. They need to ask the right questions daily which will help their employees to think more and make their own decisions. Ongoing, open-minded and non-judgmental communication is important for discovering the best of the team workers. They are always asking the right questions and searching for root causes.


When we think about lean managers we think about perfectionism. If something is done well – it could be better. They are looking for continuous improvement.

Why is respect important? Well, as a lean leader you should demonstrate compassion so you can create a very successful environment. As a team leader, you are a role model for your team members – so if you respect them they will respect each other and it’s the key for a successful team and open communication.



Humility is the most important thing in lean leadership. Curiosity, authenticity, good communication and respect are impossible without a humble attitude. A good lean leader is like a coach – always trying to be the best version of a leader and always trying to make their team better. If you fail it is good to analyze steps and correct mistakes with patience and grace. Gently and daily improvements are better than pushing too hard and not telling the truth about yourself and your team members! Open communication and correcting mistakes are crucial!