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Why is visualization of work process good?

In the modern world, where work projects are becoming bigger and bigger it is very important to stay focused and have a clear visual board to follow your tasks. Maybe, you are thinking why the visualization is important? Well, according to the 3M study “we can process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.” Due to that, it would be much easier if you make vision boards for your whole projects, so you’ll be able to process them faster.


Today, in modern psychology there is “a rule” about visualization. If you want to make something that is in your head realistic you should make a vision board – so why it should be different for work projects? When you have a clear visual concept about work that you should do, your team members will be able to communicate better between each other and solve problems much faster than it would be without knowing and seeing what other team members will do.


The easiest way to achieve the above is using a communication tool that will help you to organize your team and define what of each team members will have to do during the project. It will help you to track how the work is going, what is done well and what should be fixed. One of the best solutions is using a Kanban board as a way of organizing your team members.


When you start using visual Kanban board you will see benefits as saving time, faster problem-solving, improved work efficiency, better accountability, and improved team performance.


Writing reports and delivering status updates through meetings and messaging will take a lot of time. It is making timely progress in workflow much slowlier than it is if you start using the tool as a Kanban board is. Digital Kanban board will help you to be able to see what other team members are doing and how is going their work in one central place. You won’t need special reports from each of the team members and it will save you time. Also, you will have a clear vision about the whole project and in what stage of work progress are you as well as your team.

After, it will lead you to faster problem-solving because with a visualization you can spot problems much faster than usual. You have more transparent workflow and if any of the tasks is not moving you could spot it immediately.

Improved work efficiency is the most important part of the evolving work process in business. If using Kanban solution you can set up Work In Progress (WIP) Limits which will show you on how many task items the team is working on. Limiting work in progress is the best way to make the workflow smooth and easy. Doing too many tasks in the time could make a huge problem, so the limitation is the best way to protect your work.

One of the missions, when you are using Kanban, is to have highly motivated people in your work environment. The visual Kanban board is allowing your team members to pull their own tasks and be responsible for their progress through the workflow. They will feel more engaged in the company’s work processes which will make them more focused, satisfied and motivated. All of that is leading to better team performance – team members could provide better feedback with better visibility of work – they are continuously learning from each other which will help them to evolve on the personal level and after you will have customers that are more satisfied.


Using Kanban methodology and managing all the tasks could be successful only if you are giving your best to make the workflow transparent and if you have open communication with your team. You should be able to constantly optimize your work process and make it better.