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Product Management

Many clients find themselves rudely awoken when realizing that their existing and supposedly proven business models are quickly becoming outdated as new digital enterprises are aggressively entering the marketplace rendering existing business practices obsolete.

Our ability to create innovative and unique digital products puts us in a strong position to give your business a very clear edge over your competitors.


Prototyping is a software development method which allows us to show in a very short period of time what changes could be made.During this preliminary stage, the client can provide feedback before the actual development process starts.

This approach allows us to to identify issues and change requests at an early stage, offering a veritable future snapshot of the completed task - without the client having to invest time and effort only to see that on project completion those changes are inadequate. Avoid disappointments and save precious time and resources by letting us perform exploratory prototyping for your specific project.

UX/UI Design

Clients require easy-to-use, intuitive digital solutions, regardless of the type of user device. 

BAD SISTEMS supports your vision by creating intelligent solutions across the entire platform, allowing you to offer your clients an outstanding and flawless user experience.

Method Competence

In digital products and agile software development, various processes are currently being in use. BAD SISTEMS confidently offers only tried and tested methods which help us identify or develop the best and fastest solution for the client. In addition, our highly skilled team continuously tests a multitude of new methods to determine their value in a client environment.

We have also defined our own process, based on Kanban methodology. We continually improve our design and development methods in an effort to achieve high quality service and help our clients stay abreast of the competition.

Research & Development

The most fascinating aspect about information technology is the constant change and dynamics. Great emphasis is placed upon constant development of our company as a whole, and indeed each individual member of our team. We have also defined appropriate collaborations with educational institutions and academies or targeted research projects with the leading Faculty of Electronic Engineering, University of Nis in Serbia.

Custom Software Development

Specific software development for your needs, customized to fit your organization in the best possible way.

The key advantage of working with BAD SISTEMS is that we are able to quickly turn your system functionality plans into actual software solutions.

Cloud-based Software

Cloud or web-based software is accessed via the internet using a web browser.

In addition to the great advantage of being able to use this software from anywhere in the world, it is much more cost-effective to maintain and offers simplified further development possibilities.

Mobile Applications

Software specifically designed to be used on mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets.

Our custom-made mobile applications fit existing business processes and adapt smoothly to the client’s company environment.

Cloud Service

Cloud Service at BAD SISTEMS means that you are assisted by our experts advising you where to host your application and data (if you should not wish to host them on your own servers). 

Our team will determine where your data is located and which security measures should be implemented.

Application Management

Our in-house built applications are designed to provide a secure and ultra reliable service. In the unlikely event of technical issues, our development team will be close at hand to resolve any problem quickly and efficiently, in accordance with the commonly agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA) criteria.

Traffic Analysis

EMPERIOSI is an exclusive online traffic analysis service offered to our clients to assist with their website statistics monitoring.

Live Reporting and Rich Data, all in a simple but powerful private analysis tool, custom-made to fit client needs.

Real-time reports capture website visitors’ geographical and device data. Custom and exportable reports show all important information at a glance.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means that we will firstly program your website and your online web presentations in strict accordance with all current SEO standards.

In addition, quality SEO should improve your search engine ranking and place you highly within the unpaid search results (organic search). For that purpose, we work together with well-known experts and agencies to provide a complete service package for our clients.